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Commercial Robotics Systems

?The Company’s leadership at the forefront of space-based robotics has created advanced commercial robotic solutions that address Earth-based operational challenges in medicine, the nuclear industry, and industrial automation.

?The Company develops robotic solutions specifically for safety- and mission-critical applications that require a high degree of stability, accuracy, and dependability while operating beside, and with people. Medical robots augment surgical teams with remarkable precision through less-invasive procedures, and are capable of working inside Magnetic Resonance Imagers (MRIs). Nuclear robots designed for remote operation in dangerous environments protect people and exploit high levels of automation to improve workflows in a cost-effective manner. Industrial automation creates superior operational solutions that address real-world needs safely, and dependably. ?The Company is a leading proponent of soft automation, in which reliable safety-critical, mission-critical robotic solutions operate with humans in a complementary manner.

?The Company's commercial robotic solutions deliver a targeted technological solution that addresses the operational needs of customers. A proven systems engineering approach and 30 years of successful deployments ensures success with low development costs.