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Space-Based Robotics Solutions

?The Company is a world leader in the development, delivery, and operations of advanced space robotics and automated systems, enabling human spaceflight, space exploration and on-orbit servicing missions.

From design, development, and deployment to ongoing operations, logistics, and sustaining engineering, ?the Company has an unrivalled heritage in mission-critical space missions.

?The Company's space-based robotic and automation solutions continue to advance the boundaries of space exploration, from sensors and vision systems for orbital rendezvous and proximity operations, to robotic arms and mechanisms aboard the International Space Station and unmanned robotics and planetary science instruments carried on international missions to Mars.

?The Company's extensive suite of expertise and skills include mission operations planning, analysis, training, real-time engineering support and execution, for assets in orbital or planetary environments. ?The Company's accomplishments position us to meet ever more demanding requirements to advance the use of robotics and automation to support both human spaceflight and robotic applications.