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Aviation Information Systems

The Company is a global leader in aviation information systems and products that promote airspace safety and operational efficiency, while reducing costs through automation.

??The Company has delivered advanced solutions to the aviation industry for more than 30 years, addressing airline logistics and operations, national air traffic control and airspace management, instrument flight procedures, terminal procedures, and flight efficiency for military and civil aviation markets. Government and commercial organizations around the world depend on the Company for accuracy, innovation, and safety.

?The Company's technology automates the design, generation, and maintenance of aviation information to a high level of sophistication. ?Customers can generate and maintain their flight-critical information in a fraction of the time and effort that is required using traditional methods.

MDA's data driven solutions enable on-demand aeronautical charting and speed the creation or modification of flight procedures.

MDA's Global Procedure Designer (GPD) and Automated Charting and Encoding (ACE) bring disruptive innovation and create a new reference in the flight procedure design and aeronautical charting domains.