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?Ground Systems

MDA is a leading provider of Earth observation satellite ground system solutions, helping customers meet the toughest operational requirements through mission-proven image processing and management, and access to the world’s best commercial optical and radar satellites.

Satellite operators need reliable access to quality image products from their missions to serve high-value customers. MDA’s proven ground system solutions provide high-throughput downlink, processing, and management of ?high-quality imagery products. MDA provides industry-leading processing solutions for optical and SAR missions at every level of cost and sophistication.

Government and commercial ground station operators around the world need access to commercial satellite imagery received in near-real time (minutes from imaging) to support decision processes in mission-critical environments. MDA meets that need by providing multi-satellite ground stations that enable access to a variety of high-resolution and medium-resolution optical and radar satellites. For satellite operators this means dedicated access to high-volume customers and for EO end users it means the fastest and most secure access to imagery for any application.

MDA has a deep understanding of the optical and radar remote-sensing satellite data processing and exploitation domain, and over 40 years of experience. MDA’s Ground Systems are based on a set of proven Earth observation components that have been deployed in dozens of ground systems worldwide. MDA Earth Observation systems engineering teams support customers to maximize the value of on-orbit assets and the imagery products delivered to end users.

MDA is a leading provider of Earth observation satellite ground system solutions