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Land ?Administration Systems

MDA is a leading provider of land information solutions including land title registries and digital cadastral mapping solutions for medium to large jurisdictions.

Land Administration involves the range of systems and processes that apply the localized rules of land tenure?. Supporting the functions of Surveying and Mapping, Land Registration, and Land Valuation, these information systems provide the foundation for stable investment, efficient government, and property tax generation.

A modern land administration solution enables government, property owners, and professional groups to efficiently access and manage their land title registry and digital cadastral map, producing faster response times, reduced operational costs, increased efficiency, new service revenue, and higher levels of customer service.

MDA has designed and implemented land administration solutions for governments and corporate clients throughout the world that process millions of property-related transactions annually?. MDA’s land administration solutions are relied upon by government, legal, banking, and insurance organizations to underpin their essential business activities. These solutions enable customers to automate workflows, provide web-enabled services, increase service levels, and reduce operation costs.

MDA is a complete solution provider, delivering business systems analysis and solution definition, managing data capture, optimizing business processes, implementing systems, and providing training and operations support. As a trusted solution partner, MDA brings a wealth of experience in change management and business transformation, helping organizations migrate from legacy systems to state-of-the-art technology and methodologies that maximize operational efficiency.

MDA’s land administration solutions address land title registry and digital cadastre, which can be implemented independently or together as a powerful integrated solution.